OC Christian Network helps Christians in Orange County, California connect for roommates, ministry, events and more. Are you interested in starting a new ministry or joining one? Want a new hiking, running or golf buddy? Looking for a roommate with similar values?  It’s time to get off the social media sites and connect with other Christians in person!


We’ve included a variety of resources on this site, such as:


  • Roommates Posting: find a roommate with similar values or add your posting to our list
  • Events Posting: find a Christian event for families, singles or kids or add your event to our list
  • Ministry Posting: find a ministry, fellowship or Bible study group in your area or add your ministry or group to our list
  • Activity Partner Posting: find a new friend to walk, hit the gym with or enjoy a mutual activity or add your request to our list
  • Blogs: our new blog will feature stories on a variety of Christian topics including local news and events of interest, apologetics and more
  • Church Listing: eventually, this site will include a list of recommended churches in Orange County


Since there are often different viewpoints, doctrines and even values among Christians, it’s important that you take the time to really get to know any person(s) met online. As a result, OC Christian Network is not responsible for any claims that an individual makes on this site or via additional communication. Unfortunately, not everyone who claims to be a Christian actually is one. We suggest that you meet any new friends in a public setting, ask questions and seek discernment. Please read our Terms of Use for additional information.


If you create or reply to a posting, we recommend that you use a generic email account that does not reveal your full name. To learn how to create a generic email account, click here. Please also read our online safety tips and FAQs for more information. We believe that God calls Christians into relationship with one another, but it’s often difficult to find a new friend who lives nearby to connect with. We hope this site helps you meet new friends who live near you for an activity, fellowship or ministry.


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God bless!


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