Looking for housing in early June – either a new place, or a roommate where I live now, ASAP

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Hello! My name is Kristen (I also like to go by my nickname, KC), and I am trying to sort out housing this June. I am looking at two options- I would like to either:

  1. Find a new place with roommates where I might hopefully have a bedroom to myself, hoping to pay around $1000/mo or less ideally,
  2. Or if possible, I’d like to find a new female roommate to move in to the apartment I am currently renting.


If someone is interested in moving into my current apartment, I am renting a third-floor apartment in Woodbury Square, Irvine, just around the corner from a shopping center with Trader Joe’s, Ralphs, and other stores. I usually walk to get my groceries, which has been super nice. The neighborhood is very safe, pretty quiet, and family friendly – great for walking or biking places.


It is a one-bedroom apartment, which in the past my roommate and I divided by having each of us get one room – one of us in the living room, one in the master bedroom. This worked out really well for us because we got along very well, but does involve a lot of consideration for each other, as each roommate has to go through the other person’s space on the regular. I’m also open to splitting the main bedroom and living room, if that is more appealing. We’d have to work out who got what spaces. (I attached the max 6 pictures, but can send more upon request. Sorry it’s messy as my roommate just moved out and I’m getting ready to move soon too if I can’t find someone)


Rent would be $2075/mo for a 13 month lease ($1037.5/per person) and utilities vary from month to month, usually between $50-80/per person for everything.


****NOTE– I have already given 30-day notice with the apartment since my last roommate had to move out of state, so I’ve talked with the leasing office, and since the house is on the market now, I would need to sign a new lease before anyone else takes it. The last day I can stay here is June 16th, unless I sign a new lease. So I am hoping to either find a new roommate here ASAP, or find housing in another place.


Also, this isn’t really a great option if you are hoping to have a home to invite guests and friends over regularly: I like having people over, but with the apartment split between two people, there’s not much room left. Non-smoking and no vaping, and also definitely not a great place if you want to keep a pet. However it is a very safe and comfortable apartment in a nice location, and I’ve lived here very happily for three years, which is why I’m looking to see if this might work.



Washer and dryer in the apartment

Full kitchen


A/C and Heat

One car garage (with storage space) and ample lot parking with a pass (we could alternate or something?)

Pool in the complex, and more nearby that we can use

Grills and Exercise equipment also available in the complex



I am a pretty quiet person and I really value having a clean and tidy house, and whether I stay at my current place or not, I am hoping to find other female roommates who love the Lord, and are respectful and considerate of others, who value communication and working through problems together. I love hiking, cooking, reading, and doing art, and will most likely have a very busy schedule, as I work full-time and am a student part-time.


Please contact me and let me know if you have any questions or are interested in moving in, or maybe have another place available and are looking for a housemate. If you are interested in moving in, please let me know ASAP, as we would need to see if it would work to live together, and then sign a lease before the apartment is taken. If you have another place available, or are looking to get a new apartment elsewhere, not so much of a rush.


Thank you! 🙂

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