Deep Dive Bible Study at Mariners Church Huntington Beach

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Publish Date: 07 Oct 2021

This fall, Mariners Church Huntington Beach invites you to experience Deep Dive, a weekly study with our teaching team exploring God’s Word to find biblical answers to some of life’s most important questions.

Through Deep Dive, you can explore Scripture with others and grow closer to God, and closer to others, in two unique courses: The Story of God with Eric Geiger at Mariners Irvine or Questions About God with Brandon Hiltibidal at Mariners Huntington Beach. Each course has a live teaching component and a group discussion where you can process and unpack each lesson material with others. It’s a great way to go deeper and grow in your faith this fall!

Story of God

Oct 13-Dec 8 | Wednesdays, 7-8:30p

The Worship Center at Mariners Irvine

Live online option and childcare available

The Bible is more than a collection of genealogies, laws, historical accounts, and commands, it is one cohesive story woven together by Creator Himself.

Every circumstance, every character, and every command described in Scripture connects us to the Author of it all, who isn’t finished yet. God invites us to play a unique role in His unfolding narrative and calls us to a life of adventure and purpose. Will you answer the call and allow Him to write you into the story?

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Questions About God

Oct 13-Nov 18 | Thursdays, 7-8:30p

Mariners Huntington Beach

Live online option and childcare available

Have you ever encountered tough questions like:

Is there only one way to God?

If God is real, why do suffering and injustice exist?

Why are Christians so hung up on sin?

When challenging questions like this come up, how do you respond? Through a six-week Deep Dive study with Mariners HB Lead Pastor Brandon Hiltibidal, you’ll be equipped to engage in thoughtful conversations with others, develop a greater understanding of the compelling evidence for belief, and form a foundation for deeper, richer faith.

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Register now to experience Deep Dive this fall! We can’t wait to dive deeper into God’s Word with you.

Location:  Mariners Church, 7822 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647




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